Who is Samator Group?

Samator Group is the biggest industrial gas company in Indonesia that produces and supplies services to other industries such as health, construction, oil and gas, metallurgy, petrochemical, electronic and automotive. We are committed in delivering total solution to our clients by investing in continuous research and development and diversifying to multiple industries. For more information, you may visit www.samator.com.

How did Samator Group diversified into property?

In 1994 Samator Group entered into property industry as the developer of Graha Pangeran. This high-rise office building in Surabaya was a nominee for ASEAN Energy Award in 2002 as an energy efficient building. The second commercial property was built by Samator Group in 2007 in Jakarta and named Gedung UGM Samator Pendidikan.

Currently Samator Group is developing a mixed-use development in East Surabaya. The master plan for phase 1 is The Samator business park with Archimetric as the project consultant. Archimetric and Samator Group has worked together since Graha Pangeran project.

Why did Samator Group develop The Samator business park in East Surabaya?

As the company grows, Samator Group needs an office to put all the business units under the same roof. The office must be strategically located and reflects our core values of professionalism, righteousness, innovation, diversity, entrepreneurship (PRIDE).

Jl Raya Kedung Baruk in East Surabaya was chosen due to its accessibility to CBD, production center, transport infrastructure and human resources. Our property is a mere 500 m from MERR (Middle East Ring Road) / SERR (Surabaya East Ring Road) which connects Juanda International Airport, Suramadu Bridge to Madura Island and Tanjung Perak Seaport. Jl Raya Kedung Baruk itself is undergoing changes from a 2-laned road become a 4-laned road and will be renamed as Jl Gatot Subroto.

Our development plan altered from an office building to a business park consisting of grade A office, soho and hotel towers. This is because we take into considerations our own requirements and lack of supply in low-risk property in Surabaya.

What is the idea behind The Samator?

The Samator is planned to be a business park combining strategic location, sustainable design and Indonesian entrepreneurs’ lifestyle dynamic. The planning consultant of The Samator is Jimmy Priatman of Archimetric, who designed numerous buildings that won ASEAN Energy Award.

The Samator consists of three connected towers. They are:

  • The Samator Office:  an 18-storey office building with 35,000 sqm footprint
  • Skysuites SOHO: a tower containing dual access duplex suites for office and residence with pre-approved public nuisance permit (HO)
  • Novotel: a 4-star hotel managed by AccorHotels

The Samator business park provides following facilities:

  • parking for 600 cars and 1,000+ motorbikes
  • 24-hour power backup
  • 24-hour security service with CCTV
  • visitor checking system
  • reception and secretarial services
  • 9 oxygen-enriched meeting rooms with video conference facilities
  • broadband internet access
  • IT management support
  • laundry, F&B and retail outlets
  • recreational facilities managed with 4-star hotel standards by Novotel

What is dual access duplex suites concept offered at Skysuites SOHO?

Dual access duplex suites concept is a design concept in which each unit has two floors and each floor is accessible from different door. Lower floor is for office and accessible from the door connected to the lift at the office lobby. Upper floor is for residence and accessible from the door connected to the lift at the residential lobby.

Skysuites SOHO at The Samator is the pioneer and the only one in Surabaya offering this concept.

Who should own the units at the Skysuites SOHO?

Skysuites SOHO is intended for businessmen and businesses that value efficiency and privacy. The units at Skysuites SOHO are designed to shorten the traveling distance between home and office while keep the separation between working area on the lower floor and residential area on the upper floor. For you who choose to use the unit purely for office, you can use the upper floor as Director Office.
Each unit comes with pre-approved public nuisance permit (HO) and title deed of HSarusun (Sertifikat Hak Milik Satuan Rumah Susun or strata freehold). Therefore, the units at Skysuites SOHO can be owned by Indonesian citizens and limited companies (PT) registered in Indonesia both PMDN (domestic investment) and PMA (foreign investment).